Early Sweet is an early harvest grape. They are large and green to creamy in color with a very sweet flavor that has a touch of muscat.


Sugraones have a light, crunchy texture and sweet flavor complemented by a bright green color. These berries are an early-ripening, white seedless variety.

Arra 16 is a proprietary variety with a light green color and a rounded shape. This early season grape has good shelf life.

Princess  This mid-season grape has a light green color with large, cylindrical berries The flavor is similar to Muscat grapes.


Thompson  Believed to have originated from southern Iran, these light green, seedless, and oblong berries pack a sweet, juicy flavor. 

Sweeties This mid- season grape offers a very sweet, crunchy and well balanced eating experience and large berries.

Autumn King is a late season green grape with very large berries. They have a mild sweet flavor.

Flame Seedless These red berries are a cross among Thompson, Cardinal, and several other varieties. Deep red in color, Flame berries are medium-sized, round, crunchy, and sweet.


Arra Red is a bright to deep red color with rounded berries. It has a crisp skin and a sweet, refreshing flavor.

Scarlet Royal 
These large grapes range from bright red to dark cherry in color and are crisp with an excellent sweet flavor.


Sweet Scarlet A seedless variety that has a crisp flesh that is light and pleasant. The variety has a unique red color which is brighter than other mid-season grapes.

Crimson This medium-size red grape variety has firm, crisp berries with sweet, rich flavor.

Unknown is a mid-season black variety with deep color and a complex sweet flavor.

 Autumn Royal is a relatively new black grape variety. It is a sweet-tasting and often described as crisp or even crunchy.